Hi Oliver Frederick,

Here are few ways to get around the error

  1. To store the data to file, and reference the data by filename instead. So the full dataset doesn’t have to be embedded into the notebook before plotting, alt.Chart(url).mark_line().encode()
  2. Automatically load the data from disk using alt.data_transformers.enable('json') , which will automatically save the data to file and provide the url of that file to the chart each time a chart is created.
  3. Disable the MaxRowsError using alt.data_transformers.enable('default', max_rows=None) , but note this can lead to a very large notebook if you’re not careful.

For details, you can also refer to the official FAQ https://altair-viz.github.io/user_guide/faq.html

Let me know if you have more questions

Machine Learning practitioner | Formerly health informatics at University of Oxford | Ph.D.

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