Hands-on tutorial to effectively use Hyperparameter tuning in Machine Learning

In Machine Learning, hyperparameters refer to the parameters that cannot be learned from data and need to be provided before training. The performance of machine learning models relies heavily on finding the optimal set of hyperparameters.

Hyperparameter tuning basically refers to tweaking the hyperparameters of the model, which is basically…

Tips and tricks to transform numerical data into categorical data

Numerical data is common in data analysis. Often you have numerical data that is continuous, very large scales, or highly skewed. Sometimes, it can be easier to bin those data into discrete intervals. This is very helpful to perform descriptive statistics when values are divided into meaningful categories. …

Creating animation graph with matplotlib FuncAnimation in Jupyter Notebook

Matplotlib is one of the most popular plotting libraries for exploratory data analysis. It’s the default plotting backend in Pandas and other popular plotting libraries are based on it, for instance, seaborn. Plotting a static graph should work well in most cases, but when you are running simulations or doing…

Pandas tips and tricks to help you get started with Data Analysis

Pandas is one of the most important libraries for Data Manipulation and Analysis. It not only offers data structure & operations for manipulating data but also prints the result in a pretty tabular form with labeled rows and columns.

In most cases, the default settings of Pandas display should work…

Tip and tricks to improve your Google Colab Experience

Colab (short for Colaboratory) is a free platform from Google that allows users to code in Python. Colab is essentially the Google version of a Jupyter Notebook. Some of the advantages of Colab over Jupyter include zero configuration, free access to GPUs & CPUs, and seamless sharing of code.


B. Chen

Machine Learning practitioner | Formerly health informatics at University of Oxford | Ph.D. | https://www.linkedin.com/in/bindi-chen-aa55571a/

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